If you can't hang, there's the door, baby. If you can't hang, there's the door, baby.
Heya. I'm Morgane. i'm 21. I live in that little European country called Belgium. My second home in my <3 is New Hampshire, where i spent 10 months. I'm very fond of England! I love life, travelling, sometimes i feel like i'm jumping from a world to another, and this is amazing. And i'm nice, so yeah, Spread the love! <3
How To Earn Money With Feature Points


(This is not a spam, I didn’t get hacked, don’t worry! It’s me gorogoroiu :) )

I saw a lot of people talking about Feature Points these past few months and I started to be very curious about it!

What is Feature Points ?
It is an app, it’s free and pretty quick! All you do is…

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A person with albinisms’ eye with and without make up